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Ovaltine Malted Milk 400 Grams (Bot)
Ovaltine Malted Milk 400 Grams (Bot) ID: cmhl_1000000006866_1
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  • Ovaltine Malted Milk 400 Grams (Bot)
  • Ovaltine Malted Milk 400 Grams (Bot)
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Ovaltine Malted Milk ( Bottle )
- Nutritious Malt Drink Milk Flavor
- Complete Nutrition for Every Healthy Day
- Energy, Strong, Protection
- Net weight : 400g
- Ingredients : Malt Extract, Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Palm Oil, Sugar, Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition Facts
Content per 100g (Powder)
Energy                   398kcal
Protein                  8.90g
Carbohydrate      71.40g
Dietary Fiber        3.05g
Total Fat               8.50g
Vitamin A              622.65mcg
Vitamin B1            1.70mg
Vitamin B2            2.35mg
Vitamin B3 ( Niacin ) 12.10mg
Vitamin B6            1.70mg
Vitamin  B12         1.75mg
Vitamin B5            5.85mg
Vitamin C              52.60mg
Vitamin D              2.60mcg
Vitamin E               16.25mg
Folic acid               60.85mcg
Chlorine                   86.10mg
Biotin                      13.50mcg
Fortified with Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Minerals

Weight 400.0 Gram
Organic false
Packaging dimensions
Packaging Width 26  cm
Packaging Height 19  cm
Packaging Length 34.5  cm